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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

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Now you may have your own fuel filling station in your garage. You may brew your own ethanol from beets, corn, sugar cane, alcohol, leftover beer, wine, booze, etc. Produced ethanol will be stored and ready to mix with gasoline in your car gasoline tank. Together with the E-fuel carbon credit program, it is cost saver which possibly reduce the cost down to US$0.1 - US$1.0 per gallon of fuel. Apart from fuel cost reduction, ethanol also reduces C02 emissions by 85% when used in vehicles in place of gasoline. This significant helps to reduce greenhouse effect and global warming.

E-Fuel 100, a self-contained ethanol micro-refinery will produce ethanol to top up their gasoline tank with the aim to reduce fuel cost. E-Fuel is typically conventional alcohol brewing unit which consists of fermentation unit, distillation unit, condensation unit, storage and pumping unit and control unit.

With high energy price and tremendous pressure on pushing environmental friendly green technology, this E-fuel invention is expected to gain serious attention from consumer and law maker.

Source : "Ethanol Is The New Homebrew", Design News

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