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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


In earlier post "Slugging and Slucatcher", there are four types of slugcatcher are generally used to handle intermittent transient slug. First three types, horizontal separator, vertical separator and finger type are referred as common type slugcatcher and many engineering companies have the design & engineering capability of these common type slugcatchers. The last type is Slug Stabiliser which is rather different in term of design, operation and slug handling principle.

Those common type slugcatcher are designed to handling gas-liquid separation during normal operation. They are similar to most of the dual phases separator. The only additional feature built in is the slug handling and liquid holdup storage capability.

Slug Stabiliser is operation is slightly different. Normally it don't works as gas-liquid separator. Normal gas and liquid will flow through the bypass and feed the downstream gas-liquid separator. However, in the event transient slug arrive at slug stabiliser, slug with high momentum will flow across the bypass line while gas is taking the easy route flow into the bypass line. Phase separation occur at the bypass branch when slug approaching the slug stabiliser. Liquid (slug) keep in the loop will be handled after slugging event.


OilPro is one of the proprietary technology owner of Innopipe, a patented Slug Stabiliser. The following article is available from OilPro which describe in detail of basic principle, design and operation of Innopipe.

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