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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

World Class Home Distillation...
I have introduced a very good site for making liquor...
Home Distillation of Alcohol. Today another excellence site for home distillation...
This site provides information on the history of making liquor, step-by-step, the best part is application of process engineering knowledge...
All information has been compiled into Microsoft Word® (
doc) and Adobe® Portable Data Format (PDF) for those who would prefer to browse through this guide off line...

Information available for FREE from the site...

Pot Stills
Reflux Stills
Distillation Purity
Boiler Selection
Top End Considerations
and Techniques
Internal Reflux Condenser
Internal Reflux Cooling
Internal Reflux Condenser Core
Internal Reflux Condenser Jacket
Internal Reflux Column
Valved Reflux Still-head
Valved Reflux Column
Attaching the Column and Boiler
Column Packing
Still Operation
Final Words
Appendix 1 - Construction Costs
Appendix 2 - Resources


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