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Monday, April 23, 2007

Home Distillation of Alcohol
For those who wants to mak
e liquor, this is one of the best site for you...You may download complete sites (HomeDistillation.zip) and other documents such as :

A site maintain by Tony Ackland (A ChE)

Alcohol distillation : Basic principles, equipment, performance, relationships and safety
An article by Eric Kvaalen et. al,
Purdue University is to help you understand the distillation of ethyl alcohol. This article presents the basic principles involved in distillation, types of distillation equipment and systems that might be involved in a small fuel alcohol plant are then discussed, performance and control criteria needed for a general evaluation.

Alcohol distillation by SOLAR energy
An article by Rajiv M. Jorapur and Anil K. Rajvanshi, Nimbkar Agricultural Research Institute (NARI). This paper presents the data generated for a study of pilot solar distillation plant to produce ethanol (hereafter referred to as alcohol) using sweet sorghum as the raw material.


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