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Sunday, August 24, 2008

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Heating system is one of the common utilities in a gas processing, LNG production, refining plant, etc. Heating medium commonly used are Heating oil, thermal fluid, water, etc. In circulating thermal-fluid heating systems, the heat transfer rate is typically controlled to maintain a desired outlet-temperature setpoint of the fluid. However, it is the temperature of the fluid film in contact with the heater walls instead of bulk fluid temperature that often is the key factor affecting fluid life, system fouling, and overall equipment performance.

CE and Solutia are organizing a webinar on Heat Flux & Film Temperature. The webinar presenter is Robert Pelini, P.E., President of RGP Engineering, LLC. who has more than 24 years experience in the design of fired heaters and heat recovery systems and has authored numerous technical articles and
publications on process equipment and energy systems design.
The webinar will discuss :
  • The importance of fluid film temperature
  • Variables that affect film temperature, with specific emphasis on heat flux at the metal surfaces
  • Various types of fired and electric thermal fluid heater designs and estimation of their heat flux rates
  • Heat flux rates in convective thermal fluid heaters
  • How to estimate or check peak fluid film temperature
  • Common problems and how to avoid them
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