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Sunday, July 27, 2008

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As an effort to assist every readers to success as Professional Engineer, we have worked with our partner, Netline to offer our readers FREE magazines* subscription to all our readers. We have noticed that many reader failed in subscription request. Those, we take efforts to discuss some tips lead to Succession in FREE Subscription.

There are few main factors affecting the succession in subscribing to FREE magazine. The following will discuss the factors and some tips to assist you to get higher chance in FREE subscription.

Limited FREE offer
Each magazine will have limited offer for a dedicated promotion period.Those it is based on first come first serve basis. Once you are aware of availability of particular magazine, apply immediately with out delay.

TIPS : First come first serve. Apply immediately

Answer ALL Question with Honest
As requested, applicant shall answer ALL question in the questionnaire honestly. ANALYZE the question in regards to magazine content and applicant relevancy. DO NOT miss any question.

TIPS : Analyze then Answer. Don't miss !

Geographical location
Each magazine publisher will offers FREE subscription to a specific geographical location in accordance to its timely promotion campaign and marketing strategy. Free subscription will only be approved to those applicant from applicable geographical location. However, one may remember, the publisher may change from time to time according to its market strategy. You may check from time to time.

This is one of the most common factor seriously affects the succession in FREE subscription. If you came from geographical location NOT inline with the applicable geographical location, you need try your luck. There is a sophisticated system capable of detecting the IP address of your workstation and the system capable of understand which country the application came from. If it is not inline with the applicable geographical location, it will be rejected immediately without further screening.

If you happen to be outstation in applicable geographical location i.e USA, CANADA, etc, take this opportunity to apply for FREE magazine. It might help.

TIPS : Take all opportunity

Organization Capacity
Some of the publisher have specific target market. They will only approve those professional from organization with certain capacity and size i.e. company A with employee more than 500. Thus, larger your organization, higher succession rate. One may remember, the employee could includes all level of employee e.g. management, executive staff, engineer, etc. It may be only limited to engineer only.

TIPS : Large organization, higher conversion to advertiser.

Organization Business Nature
Some of the publisher is only targeted to certain organization with business nature. For example, Chemical Engineering magazine may only approve those application from Chemical / Petrochemical / Oil & Gas related organization. If an applicant from Financial institute i.e ABC Bank, i doubt the application will success in the subscription. Organization matching is another factor affect the success of this subscription.

TIPS : Organization matching Content

Applicant Position/Job Title
This is another important factor affects the succession of subscription. A particular magazine may target to certain group of professional. For example, Offshore engineer magazine publisher may not approve an applicant with job title of accountant. As the content as well as the advertiser in this magazine is relevant and targeted to Offshore Engineer. Job title matching magazine content is a very important factor.

TIPS : Job title matching Content

Magazine format
Some of the magazine will be issued in hardcopy and / or digital version. Digital here means electronic magazine (generally in pdf format). To promote Green engineering and minimize usage of paper, to minimize publishing cost e.g.printing, storage, handling and transportation, by saving cost it allow higher chances of FREE subscription as well as more longer subscription, you are encourage to request the DIGITAL format.


There is a simple question to verify you as subscriber (instead of machine or robot generate form), the question is more human/subscriber related i.e where you were born, where you are working, etc. Fill it wisely.

TIPS : Read, Understand & Fill wisely

Notification of Other Publication
One of check box in the form you may consider to check but it is subject to you willingness. The content of this check box is "Yes. please auto-fill my contact information for other publication qualification forms.". By check this box, you will be notified with other FREE publication.

TIPS : Allow Further Notification

Last but not lease, above are some factors possibly increase the opportunity in subscribing to FREE magazine (without warranty). More important is you obtain the required information and knowledge with these magazine. Likewise, you shall take the effort to fill the subscription form.

Click here to obtain others FREE Magazine Subscriptions & Technical Document Downloads

* For qualified professional.

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posted by Webworm, 1:51 PM


Blogger Prakash said...

I like to read hard copy. Mark on it while reading.
Then I like to store data in my computer for that I need soft copy.
Therefore I need both options like Hard copy as well as soft copy since I am working as a consultant.
Akash Consultants

May 8, 2010 at 8:38 PM  
Blogger Webworm said...

I have been collecting old articles since many years ago. Now i am converting these doc in digital copy for easy storage and management...

Save softcopy, index it for ease of future search...
Environmental friendly also...

May 8, 2010 at 8:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

in addition i needs share for my knowledge but have difference answer so i needs more my knowledge.so i can learn more and share if i have many book for my knowledge more better then now

March 21, 2011 at 4:11 PM  

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