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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

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A free surface vortex can form when a liquid exit via a nozzle or hole below it liquid surface (bottom or side). Minimum submergence height (S), can be calculated according to earlier post"Estimate Minimum Submergence to Avoid Vapor Entrainment" shall be maintained in order to avoid gas entrainment in the the liquid outlet. In case of gas entrainment into pump, it will reduce pump capacity and potentially affect the plant performance.

In some cases, the estimated minimum submergence height (S) could be high and it may not be cost effective and providing vortex breaker is another option to tackle gas entrainment issue. A vortex breaker is a simple plate(s) arrangement which intentionally to break the vortex vertically or horizontally. Following images are some plate arrangement which may be used as vortex breaker.

The first three are basically a horizontal plate to segregate vortex from inlet while last (bottom) is vertical plates (4 or 6 plates) to break circulation of liquid. Following images are some typical applications of vortex breaker.


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