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Thursday, July 17, 2008

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Adventures in Energy is an interactive Flash-based demonstration of some of the cutting-edge technologies being used in the exploration, production, and transportation of oil and natural gas. It is a great eye-breaking, learning & refreshing tools for those who are new to Oil and Gas. It explore some of the innovative practices that are being used to provide us with the safe, reliable energy supply that helps to power our everyday lives.

This learning tools consists of 8 modules with several subsection within a module. Quick quiz available at the end of each module to test understanding of visitor /reader towards the content. Following are the listing of module and subsection in this learning tools :

* Home
* What are Oil and Natural Gas?
o Introduction
o How Are Oil/Natural Gas Formed?
o Where Is Petroleum Found?
o Will We Run Out?
o Quick Quiz
* Exploration and Production
o Introduction
o Exploration
o Creating a Drilling Site
o Drilling Rigs
o Advanced Drilling Techniques
o Well Evaluation
o Completion
o Extracting Oil and Natural Gas
o Separating Oil, Natural Gas and Water
o Protecting Sensitive Environments
o Restoration of Land-Based Sites
o Restoration of Offshore Sites
o Quick Quiz
* Natural Gas Processing
o Introduction
o Dehydration
o "Sweetening"
o Natural Gas Liquids
o Quick Quiz
* Oil Tankers
o Introduction
o Tanker Design
o Navigation
o Lightering
o Louisiana Offshore Oil Port
o Quick Quiz
* Refining Oil
o Introduction
o Distilling
o Cracking
o Reforming
o Blending (vapor pressure)
o Blending (octane)
o Treating
o Quick Quiz
* Refined Product Pipelines
o Introduction
o Control Center
o Maintenance
o Batch Management
o Distribution Centers
o Quick Quiz
* Natural Gas Pipelines
o Introduction
o Compressors
o "City Gates"
o Storage
o Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
o Quick Quiz
* Oil and Natural Gas in Your Life
o Introduction
o At the Pump
o See for Yourself
o Other Products You Use
o Alternative Energy Technologies
o Quick Quiz

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This tools could be used as introduction section to new comer to oil & gas field. Teacher in school may use it to provides better explanation on this subject.

Click here to view this great learning tools... Adventures in Energy
Available FREE by American Petroleum Petroleum (API).

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