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Thursday, November 22, 2007

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Heuristic is method, tricks & tips that common used to helps in approaching a problem. It is a compilation of knowledges and experiences by most (if not all) individual. It helps to tackle problem in a simple, reasonable and generally optimized ways and to avoid repetitive common failure.

Similar to other sectors and disciplines, most credible Chemical and Process Engineers have put a lot of efforts in compilation of their knowledges, experiences, etc and produced Heuristic dedicated to Chemical & Process Engineering...

In my process design career, i have found two most credible and reliable Heuristic in Chemical & Process Engineering.


"Although experienced engineers know where to find information and how to accurate computations, they also keep a minimum body of information in mind on the ready, made up largely of shortcuts and heuristics. the present compilation may fit into such a minimum body of information, as boost to memory or extension in some instances into less often encountered areas."


"Experience is typically what turns a good engineer into a greater engineer. An engineer that can look at a pipe and a flowmeter and guess the pressure drop within 5%. Someone who can at least estimate the size of a vessel without doing any calculations. When I think of such rules, two authors come to my mind, Walas and Branan. Dr. Walas' book, Chemical Process Equipment: Selection and Design has been widely used in the process industry and in chemical engineering education for years. Mr. Branan has either helped write or edit numerous books concerning this topic. Perhaps his most popular is Rules of Thumb for Chemical Engineers. areas."

These articles are available FREE for all in our community. If you don't aware of these articles, please read them. I am sure that you will benefits in the future Chemical & Process Engineering career.

My 2-cents advice
One shall always keep in mind that these articles are the best effort by most credible engineers. The heuristic and recommended rule of thumbs are experience and case specific. It is NOT some compulsory rule that we needs to comply to. It provides guideline to approach problem but engineering judgment and detailed calculation and design shall be conducted for final confirmation.

Last but not least, please rate this article and provide your valuable comments. Your 10 second of effort worth million to me...

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