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Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I have been writing this blog for quite sometime. I believe the articles or posts that i have written may be partially benefits most of the readers like you. I am continuously improving this blog in terms of presentation, contents, interests, etc so that my readers (you) can really benefits from the posts.

However, sometime i am not quite sure how my readers (you) feel and think about my post ? What topics are really interesting to you ? What kind of post is more relevant to you ? This has lead me no end...

Thus i have included some interaction features in this blog. Part of them are the
  • "Outbrain" rating widget
  • Comment column
  • Email icon.
"Outbrain" rating widget
"Outbrain" rating widget is located at the end of each post.

The main intention of this widget is provided for you to rate my post. By getting rating by most of you, all readers can understand the important of this article and pay extra attention on this article. On the other hand, i would be able to assess if this article is really interest to most of you and if should continue to expands the similar type. Friend, your feedback is VERY Important to other reader and myself.

Above are the choices that you can use to rate the article. Bad, Boring, OK, Good and Excellent. Rate post as you think and as you wish.

Comment Column (See below image)
Comment on the post is very important to other reader as well. It promote discussion & interaction between reader and owner of the post, add value / experience / knowledge into the original post, it generate more topic & contents for future readers, etc. It benefits to ALL readers included yourself. Friend, your comment is VERY Important to other reader and myself.

Comment column is located at the end of post as well.

Email Icon (See below image)
If you think your comments / advices are rather confidential or should not be published openly but you want to inform me, PLEASE click the Email Icon and drop a simple message to me. Your feedback & advices are VERY IMPORTANT to me.


Last but not least, i wish all of you can visit this blog and spent a little of your valuable time, drop some simple comments & feedbacks and rate the post for continuous improvement of ALL.

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posted by Webworm, 8:57 AM


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