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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

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This post is for those use ASPENTECH HYSYS 2006 release...

New bug found in ASPENTECH HYSYS Dynamic Depressuring unit, [Fisher] Valve model...

The peak flow is higher when [Fisher] valve model under valve parameters in Dynamic depressuring Utility is selected.

There is a problem with the Fisher equation calculation in the 2006 dynamic tool. A disproportionate scale term in the equation has been used such that it causes wrong Cv and peak flow calculation.

There is no workaround for time being and will be fixed in 2006.5 version, expected to be released in Jan 2008.

This information has been informed by Kandan (nickname) and further advised by dyogal (nickname). I have finally got the confirmation from ASPENTECH via my personal account ( Incident no. 886087).

Updated on Oct 22, 2007
This bug only occurs in ASPENTECH HYSYS version 2006. They are fine in other vision such as 3.1, 3.2, 2004.1 and 2004.2.


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