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Saturday, July 19, 2008

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There are million of magazines available in the market covering almost all aspects and specialties. The magazines can be :
  • subscribed with fees (most of them)
  • subscribed FREE together with your subscription with an organization (i.e CEP for AICHE, TCE for IChemE)
  • absolutely subscribed FREE
Being one of loyal reader of Chemical & Process Technology, i am pretty sure all of you should have read at least one or two magazines on regular basis. Have you ever asked why should you read magazine ?

You may already have the answer for it. Why not read how we think about it and share yours.

What is magazine
Before i proceed to discuss why should we read magazine, first thing we may have to ask what is magazine. Magazines, periodicals or serials are publications, generally published on a regular schedule, containing a variety of articles, generally financed by advertising, by a purchase price, or both. Read more here.

Why i read magazine
In earlier post "3 Most Important & FREE Magazines That I Read...", it informed that being a professional engineer (PE) for many years in Chemical & Process and Oil & gas field, three reputable magazines which i continue reading and update myself without fail. There are Chemical Engineering Progress (CEP), Chemical Engineering (CE) and Hydrocarbon Processing HP). Read more here.

There are few major benefits and reasons for reading magazine :

a) UPDATE Latest Information
You may read books for all the background, theory, application and example. You may also read journal for all the hypothesis, details analysis, data, supporting document, etc. However, books capture those accumulated information for the past decade while journal capture those latest noble and scientific development which may/ may not be used and practiced in real world. MAGAZINE is published on regular basis to update you with latest practical information, news, methodology, approaches, knowledge, tips, rule-of-thumb, etc

I have seen in many events, a valuable knowledge & practical experience, the content depth does not enough to be captured and published in journal (journal have stringent requirement on publication), the best place is MAGAZINE. For example, "Accurate Wetted Areas for Partial Filled Vessel", "3 effective ways to control a heat exchanger", etc. These articles do not have noble theory supporting it nor detail scientific analysis, but they are practical and useful experiences can be adopted by others engineer and simple tips/ rule-of-thumb to save your time.

With all the efforts of your team, there are still no viable idea and solution for a particular problem. Browsing MAGAZINE is one of the way i find very useful. When you reading the experiences by other engineers in MAGAZINE, it will stimulate your brain the work out some new idea and approach to tackle problem.

Once you found an useful knowledge and practical experience by an expect who authored the article, the author contact is always available at the end of the article. We may contact the author for further information and assistance. This is one of the fastest way to find the right people to assist you solving your problem. In addition, the contacts can be collected for future reference. The collection will form the expert pool for yourself and they are readily to assist you.


As mentioned in (a), the MAGAZINE capture those most practical and useful experiences can be adopted by others engineer and simple tips/ rule-of-thumb to save your time. In many event, it can be used as reference and supporting document for your works and report

Articles published in a reputable and reliable MAGAZINE, one of the requirement is author shall list out the reference and supporting documents for their article. By reading this reference and supporting documents, it will further expands your search & knowledge and save your time to find new information and articles

MAGAZINE is obviously a very useful media helping us in achieving our success as engineer. As an Professional Engineers (PE), reading reliable and reputable magazines already part of our works or part of out life to be exact. You are encourage to do the same.

How We Can Assist You
As an effort to assist you to success as Professional Engineer, we have worked with our partner, Netline to offer our readers FREE magazines* subscription to all our readers. Few recommended MAGAZINE for you are Hydrocarbon Processing, PipeLine and Gas Technology (PGT) and Chemical Processing (CP). You may click here for other FREE magazine...

How You Can Assist Your Friend
To assist your friends to success as Professional Engineer as well, you may inform them by clicking this link.

How You Can Assist Yourself & Others
Now is the most important part. How should you assist yourself, your friends and others to success as Professional engineers. Chemical & Process Technology has recently worked together with Netline in order to provides FREE magazines* subscription to all our readers. Just wanna to inform you that you may do the same like Chemical & Process Technology to provide FREE magazines* subscription to your friends and your readers if you have any blog and website. What you needs to works with our partner, Netline.

Netline, established since 1994, offers free B2B magazine subscriptions and other business resources, including informative white papers, analyst reports, live and on-demand webinars, podcasts, and more, across a wide range of industries. RevResponse as interface and managing this activity, puts this content at your fingertips, enabling you to provide your visitors with a free resource library that will keep them coming back again and again. If you want to see more, simply click here and take a look at the diverse selection. By introducing magazine to your friend and your blog/website visitor, Netline will award you with some $$ on every success subscription.

Let share this with you friend (click here to share) and let works together (click here to be partner) to assist yourself and your friend to success as Professional engineer and to promote professionalism.

* For qualified professional.

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