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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Many of us are very familiar with this fundamental equation in heat transfer.

Q = U.A.ΔT

For a given heat transfer service with known mass flow rates and inlet and outlet temperatures the determination of Q is straightforward and ΔT can be easily calculated if a flow arrangement is selected (e.g. logarithmic mean temperature difference for pure countercurrent or cocurrent flow). This is different for the overall heat transfer coefficient U. The determination of U is often tedious and needs data not yet available in preliminary stages of the design. Therefore, typical values of U are useful for quickly estimating the required surface area. The literature has many tabulations of such typical coefficients for commercial heat transfer services. The links below tabulates U values for different applications and heat exchanger types.
DELTA T (CheResources, Built-It-Solar)
The Engineering Tool Box
Engineering Page
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