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Friday, August 15, 2008

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Dynamic simulation is a tools to assist you in design, optimize and operate your plant. It helps to understanding the behavior of your plant and healthier of a control system in achieving the design control. Many of you may have heard about the capability of Dynamic simulation in ASPEN HYSYS. Some of you may have tried to make use this capability. For those who has NO experience at all or those would like to refresh their mind in dynamic simulation using ASPEN HYSYS, the following tutorial is a pretty good tutorial for learning and refreshing.

Control System Development with HYSYS
This is a tutorial on the development of dynamic simulations using ASPEN HYSYS which based on implementing three conventional PID control loops on a single-stage flash drum unit for a multicomponent, non-ideal feed stream.

The steps in the development process includes :
  1. steady-state design and simulation
  2. specifying dynamic characteristics of process equipment
  3. switching the simulation over to dynamics mode
  4. adding feedback controllers to the simulation
  5. adding strip-chart displays
  6. carrying out dynamic tests and fitting transfer functions
  7. tuning the controllers
Download Tutorial for Control System Development with HYSYS

There is a Dynamic Simulation manual available in ASPEN HYSYS. You may obtain yours copy. Read more in "Useful Documentation for HYSYS ...".

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