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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

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Transferring SINGLE stream or unit operation from an existing HYSYS simulation file (ABC.hsc) to another HYSYS file (123.hsc) is rather easy and the simple 8-steps as described in "Transfer SINGLE Stream or Unit Operation Properties From Hysys File to Another Hysys File".

Now you have a even greater challenge : You would like to transfer ALL the units in an existing HYSYS simulation file (ABC.hsc) to another HYSYS file (123.hsc).

The proposed method is rather simple by using the XML capability built-in HYSYS.

Let say the ABC.hsc contains a Rich Gas Stream and a Separator V-100, the vapor and liquid outlets are Stream 1 & 2 respectively. You would like to transfer ALL streams and ALL unit operations in ABC.hsc to 123.hsc.

Step 1 : Open ABC.hsc. Click Simulation and Export case as XML. A new ABC.xml file will be created. Close all files.

Step 2 : Open 123.hsc. Click Simulation and Import XML. Select ABC.xml. All information (Rich Gas Stream, Separator V-100, stream 1 & 2) will be transferred into the 123.hsc.

Caution !!
i) Please ensure ABC.hsc will have identical (or not less than) component definition as in 123.hsc. Excess component in ABC.hsc will be REMOVED during transferring process.

ii) Please ensure ABC.hsc will have identical BASIS (thermodynamic package) as in 123.hsc. Otherwise, 123.hsc BASIS (thermodynamic package) will be REPLACED.

iii) Please ensure Stream and unit Operation in ABC.hsc will have DIFFERENT name as in 123.hsc. Otherwise, existing Stream and Unit operation in 123.hsc will be REPLACED.

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