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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

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I have HYSYS version 3.2, 2004 and 2006 installed in my PC. All using network token system and works well all the while. Recently i encountered "Failed to locate License" error in my PC. This is common and expected as all token that your company subscribed already used by other users.

This problem happened for next few time i tried to use HYSYS, even during non-peak time. I started to suspect some problem with my own PC. Initially we suspected there may be one or more HYSYS file corrupted and our first effort is reinstall HYSYS again. Nevertheless this remedy failed to remove the error and similar problem occurred again. We have rechecked all system again and also failed to remove the error. We have rechecked the installation manual and HYSYS support but all efforts failed.

We have spent a lot of time by tackling HYSYS and our focus is on HYSYS because the problem is with HYSYS. All in certain...an idea across our mind...should this problem cause by other software instead of HYSYS itself ?

Just refresh my mind and recall what i have done last week...i remembered that i have installed the SHELL FRED version 5 into my PC last week. We uninstalled the SHELL FRED version 5 and surprisingly the HSYSY works well after the removal of FRED. Obviously there is conflict between HYSYS and FRED.

I am not a Computer system engineer and removing this type of conflict is totally out of my knowledge. Our computer system engineer has been engaged to helps out on this issue. But i believe the Computer system engineer may not remove the conflict without my input.

Lesson learned
  • There is a conflict between HYSYS and FRED. Installation of FRED after HYSYS will results HYSYS failed to locate the license file.
  • Keep track of activities and performance of your PC for ease of troubleshooting in future
  • Simple input and piece of information may the source of major problem. Do not ignore.
  • Direction of solving a problem is very important. Missed direction will cost you million.

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posted by Webworm, 10:06 PM


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