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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Somedays ago...somebody raise a very simple question. He is doing revamping of existing amine absorber column. This column contains trayed and packed bed section. He is using HYSYS process simulator. How shall he simulate it in HYSYS ?
Yeah...probably a very simple question to those who has experiences with HYSYS. I know i can simply response to him saying that please refer to HYSYS manual...but still i take a little of my time to elaborate.
Amines absorber column may contains trays and packing for some design reasons...Can HYSYS simulate combined tray and packed bed column ?
Yes...you may do so with following steps...
  1. Go to Tools/Utilities
  2. Select "Tray sizing" option
  3. Choose the tower in your flowsheet that you want to size, add (define) two column sections - one for trays and other for packing.
  4. In the Design tab, from drop-down list find the packing type that matches your tower internals. There are additional packing data shall be enterred.

I purpose pack this information here for ease of everybody...

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