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Friday, December 14, 2007

In my last post "R&D engineer, Academician and Student...Don't miss this !", i brought to you an ebook ""The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments" shared by Anne. When i most or less completed the last sentence and make final checking, an idea came across my mind...Why don't i made a compilation of FREE ebook from my previous post so that
  • new reader will not miss them
  • easy for present and new readers for future reference
  • don't waste reader time to find in my blog (quite time consuming)
OK...let's do it.

Write up to here, another idea came out from my mind...why don't keep track of number of download by reader ? ...higher frequency of download, it implies that higher number of people interested in that particular ebook. If you notice carefully, infact i am keeping track of the number of download from since my last post...

Upto here...another idea cross my mind...Why don't open another section call RESOURCE ? This section will compile all the FREE ebook , FREE program and software available online for download, FREE Add-on, etc. Second, reader / user can leave their comments and lesson learnt in the comment section. Third, reader can contribute their self-made program in the RESOURCE section for comment, feedback and revise from time to time. The contributor can get feedback, improve their program, etc. The related post will shows the contributor name as appreciation.

Above effort ultimately is for the benefits of ALL...

Write up to here... don't you mind to share you thought on above idea ? any new idea can be easily implemented ? Should i proceed ?

Please let me know your thought. Email to me.

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posted by Webworm, 6:33 AM


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