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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Today i read a news here "Boy burnt at petrol kiosk". Pity the boy with 70% burnt on his face and body. The victim mentioned the following :

"As I pulled the pump nozzle out from the petrol tank, it caught fire.

"Fuel was still coming out from the burning nozzle and then adik was on fire. I threw the nozzle down and started rolling him on the ground to put out the fire."

"He said he shouted for the fire extinguisher twice but it took a while for the station staff to get it as it was locked in the office. "

From the story, i have noticed two major points
  1. fire started spontaneously without any cause.
  2. fire extinguisher is locked in the office.

There are many causes can lead to ignition of petrol :
  • Static charge - Some clothing may easily generate static electric when people moves. It can cause petrol fume ignited.
  • Cell phone - it carry battery and may send and receive signal without people knowing. It is another potential cause ignition. This worst could be cell phone ring when you are filling the petrol. READ more HERE.
  • Fill petrol without shutting car engine - Car engine is hot and continuously generating heat. Exhaust gas is hot may poses risk of petrol ignition.
  • Smoking - This is an obvious cause. Nobody is allowed to smoke at petrol station. Sometime the problem may came from ignorance and uneducated attendant. READ more HERE.
Of course there are other factors such as material used for petrol filling nozzle, lightning protection system, emergency shutdown system, ventilation, etc

Fire extinguisher is meant for emergency use but yet it store and locked in the office for security reason.
  • Ignorance - The owner and attendant ignore safety rule and regulation.
  • Uneducated - Many attendant are from non-educated group. They may not aware of safety concern


This has triggered me to think more as we are dealing with this on daily basis.

  • Static charge - Sometime you can not avoid generation of static charge but you can "discharge" it. Touch metal or structure before you take the petrol nozzle out from the holder. It helps to discharge (partly if not fully) the static charge.
  • Cell phone - Never take the cell phone with you in the petrol station. Keep it in the car. Also don't answer any call. If possible, switch it off.
  • Fill petrol without shutting car engine - Stop the engine.
  • Smoking - I guess this is well aware by all of us but please don't ignore.
  • Locked Fire Extinguisher - i would say make a report to authority and leave it to the enforcement team. NEVER goes back to this station again.
  • Educate those you love - You are probably serving Chemical and Process or Oil and Gas community. You are partly the "expert" in front of others. Educate others...they will believe it base on your credibility.
I guess every car user like us can do above mentioned as minimum.

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posted by Webworm, 11:19 PM


Blogger kambingbujang said...

this morning i did re-fueling the tank without shutting off the car engine.. i'm not realize this, until re-fueling finish and i want to start the car. lucky nothing happen to me and my negligence may cause danger to me and baby as well other user. Hope everybody be more careful during refueling petrol car

June 3, 2009 at 12:37 AM  

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