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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

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Simple update to IEM Members or those who are practicing Engineering in MALAYSIA...

I received a notification from IEM that there will be a series of interesting events for JUNE & JULY 2008...

Visit to HUME Concrete Marketing S/B
- 28 June 2008, Saturday (4 CPD)
8.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m
- Participants are to assemble at Bangunan Ingenieur before 8.00 a.m.
- Fees :RM 30.00 - transportation of the site tour

Hume Concrete Marketing Sdn Bhd is the marketing arm of Hume Concrete Division, which in turn is one of the strategic business units of Hume Industries (M) Berhad. The first Hume precast concrete factory was established in Prai way back in 1929. From this humble beginning, Hume Concrete Division has grown to be the premier manufacturer of precast concrete products, with 5 main factories strategically located throughout Malaysia, to cater for both local and export markets. Hume is the pioneer in introducing the standard range of precast products such as Spun Pipe, Prestressed Beam, RC Pile, U-Drain, Box Culvert, etc. into the local market. With accumulated experience and commitment towards R & D, we have in recent years developed a range of innovative products such as Hume Box Girder, Hume Arch Culvert, Hume Half Slab, Hume T-Wall, Hume S-Barrier and Hume Stadium Bleacher, to name a few. Hume is also the Licensee of BEBO range of arch crossings from BEBO Arch International AG, Switzerland. Furthermore, Hume has built up a strong technical team to offer customized precast solutions to meet specific needs of individual clients, especially in the field of precast jetty component.

Prepared by Engr. K P Pradeep, M.I.E.M, PEng

Talk on "Evolution of the Distributed Control System (DCS)"
- 11 July 2008, Friday (2 CPD) - 2nd Floor, IEM Conference Hall
- 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm
- 2 nd Floor, IEM Conference Hall, Bangunan Ingenieur, Petaling Jaya
- Speaker : Mr. Stephen Lim

In this presentation, Stephen will cover several aspects regarding the DCS. An introduction to the Distributed Control System, from what it is, what it comprises of and how it has developed throughout the decades will be shown. This will provide an outlook on the historical emergence of such a system and the ever-growing need for the DCS in the process industry. Comparisons between a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and a DCS will be made to show the applications and industries these systems are catered to. For the hybrid industries, we will discuss on how the Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) affects the DCS market. Other topics of this presentation will include networking and wireless technologies, process field-bus technologies, advanced process control techniques and how these have been integrated into the DCS.

Prepared by Engr. Abdul Fattah bin Mohamed Yatim, MIEM

Dialogue: "Continuing Professional Development & you an intermittent review'
- 2 August 2008, Saturday (2 CPD)
- IEM Conference Hall, 2nd Floor, Bangunan Ingenieur, PJ
- 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

The Board of Engineers Malaysia Continuing Professional Development Program is into its fourth year running. However, in a recent small preliminary audit on the Continuing Professional Development program for the period from 2005 to through 2007, it was found that a significant number of professional engineers (> 90%) has not come to grips with the concept of
continuing professional development mandatory of licensed professional engineers. There is glaring ill-understanding on the part of the professional engineers while documenting their CPD experiences and suffice to say that it is to the extend appalling, the responses of highly educated engineering professionals to what is a simple documentation. So it is with the desire to see to it that professional members of The Institution of Engineers Malaysia do it right and keeping it simple, that this dialogue is to gauge what’s on your mind, allowing you to voice your opinions/grievances, forward suggestions that should help the CPD programs @ IEM commensurate with the requirements of the Board of Engineers Malaysia. Again, on the premise that CPD is here to stay, this dialogue is for you to say your piece, exchange opinions and gather information on how best to go about it. So don’t stay away! It pays to be a member of IEM!

Prepared by Engr. Dr. Lee Teang Shui


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