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Thursday, July 3, 2008

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You are working on a simulation using HYSYS version 2006 and you have been requested to submit your HYSYS simulation file to client for review. Your client inform you that the HYSYS version 2006 has not been approved and accepted as formal version within their organization. Version 2004 is remain the approved version within their organization. Your client requested a version 2004 compatible simulation file.

HYSYS version 2004 is unable to open simulation file created by HYSYS version 2006 or later. How to create a HYSYS version 2004 compatible simulation file ?

If you are familiar with HYSYS, you may aware that HYSYS has XML Exchange capability. XML Exchange allow HYSYS user
Using this XML Exchange capability, you can create a simulation file compatible with any version of HYSYS.

The process is rather simple. The simple step is to save the HYSYS simulation file in XML (i.e. ABC.xml ) format instead of HSC (i.e. ABC.hsc) format. Once you save it in XML format, it can be read by any version (including older version) of HYSYS. So far HYSYS file created in HYSYS version 2006 and save in XML format file can be read by HYSYS version 2004 and HYSYS 3.2. Other experience is yet to be discovered and reported.

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