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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

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In "3 Most Important & FREE Magazines That I Read..." post, I have introduced three (3) magazines that i read monthly without failed. Out of three magazines, Chemical Engineering Progress (CEP) is FREE for AICHE member. However, the other two magazines, Chemical Engineering (CE) and Hydrocarbon Processing (HP) are absolutely FREE for qualify subscriber.

Overwhelming Responses...
Two (2) days after the released of this post, overwhelming request on these magazines resulted the
Chemical Engineering (CE) subscription reached its limit and temporary unavailable for subscription. I would like to thanks those who has successfully subscribed to Chemical Engineering (CE).

However, i have received number of "complaints" via email due to temporary unavailable for subscription. These complaints have been reflected to the provider. Well...one should understand there always a LIMIT for FREE stuff and always follow a golden rule "First Come First Serve".

For information, the Succession rate (SR) for Chemical Engineering magazine (till 30 June 2008) is 76%, it mean 100 subscription requests, 76 requests were success in this subscription.

Just received a good news !

The Chemical Engineering (CE) was opened again for subscription request ! For those who have missed the chance earlier or failed before, please request now ! Click HERE NOW !

Apart, Hydrocarbon Processing (HP) and PipeLine and Gas Technology (PGT), two high quality magazine recommended, also received very high subscription request. However, the successful Subscription rate (SR) are 31% and 47% respectively. For those who have not tried or those failed but would like to try again, you may try Hydrocarbon Processing (Click HERE) and PipeLine and Gas Technology (Click HERE).

Hydrocarbon Engineering is another high subscription and high success Subscription rate (SR) magazine. The SR is as high as 85%. However, it already reached it limit and unavailable for time being. Will inform you once it is available.

FREE Subscription to :

Click here for others FREE magazine...

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