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Monday, March 15, 2010

As discussed in earlier post "3 Most Important & FREE Magazines That I Read..." , Chemical Engineering, Hydrocarbon Processing and Chemical Engineering Progress are three magazines which i will not miss every month. Reason being the contents of these magazines are written by practical engineers for practicing engineers like you and me. The clues, experiences, lesson learnt, new application and new knowledge shared by most practical engineers in our industry, again are practical and educative. I always emphasize to my young engineers consistently read article from these three magazines.

Out of all three magazines, Chemical Engineering and Hydrocarbon Processing are available FREE for engineer who are eligible. What is eligible ? This really subject to the publisher decision and selection criteria. No one aware including myself. Nevertheless, there are several tips you may try out in order to increase your eligibility  by referring to "Tips on Succession in FREE Subscription". After try to subscribes by clicking Chemical Engineering and Hydrocarbon Processing.

As for Chemical Engineering Progress, one of the main publication of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), you will be given FREE if you are member of AIChE. If you are not a member of AIChE, try to request your company to purchase it. You will not regret.

If you success in subscribing Chemical Engineering and Hydrocarbon Processing for FREE. Well...Congratulations to you. You are a step closer to a good and practical engineer. Chemical Engineering and Hydrocarbon Processing offer their subscriber hardcopy and softcopy (view online and downloadable in pdf format). We strongly encourage you to obtain a softcopy.

There many many benefits by getting a softcopy.

Green solution
You will help to minimize world paper consumptions

No/Minimum storage area
You will need book rack to keep these magazines. Experiences shows that the magazine may decay and lost wording & color after N years. On the other hand, you can keep softcopy in portable hard disc (which is rather cheap and affordable nowadays)

Easy Search
You can easily search article in the PDF file. You may also index, arrange by topic and link it to ease future search. It may be difficult for hardcopy indexing and storing.

If you would like to extract part of the content in some article, you may easily copy and paste into any word editor file. This save you a lot of time.

Sustainable business 
Publisher is supported by advertiser and cost in production of these magazine. By delivering a hardcopy, it incurs additional costs like material cost, printing cost, storing cost, transportation cost and etc to publisher. By getting softcopy, above cost is reduced and minimize burden to the publisher. Publisher manage to continue their business and continue to offers FREE magazine for all of us.

If you have hardcopy and once it is damaged, your may find difficulties in replcaing it. Unlike a softcopy. publisher is continuously keeping previous version in their server. You can always make copy from the server.

Online reading every corner of the worth 
If you getting softcopy, you can view online anytime, any place and any corner of the world as long as you have internet access and legally allow.

Obtain Previous Issues
If you subscribe today, you may get you magazine next month. Next month you can view and download all previous issues by searching the archive section.

Last but not least, we would like to take this opportunity to thank publishers offering FREE magazines to us. We wish the FREE offers will continue forever.

Being a Chemical and Process engineers, our "works" have generated a lot of damage to our lovely planet. Why not take simple effort in helping our planet ?

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