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Thursday, March 11, 2010

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Tank Normal Venting Rate Estimation Using Latest Method As in API Std 2000 has included a parameter C factor thermal inbreathing calculation and Y-factor in thermal outbreathing calculation. These parameters subject latitude of plant site.This post will introduce a simple method in find Latitude and Longitude of your plant site using Google Map.

Latitude is line appear horizontal on earth with varying curvature from equator which divides the planet into a Northern Hemisphere, a Southern Hemisphere and has a latitude of 0°. Latitude is ranging from 0° at the equator to +90° at the North poles and -90° at the South Pole.

Google map is widely used by many engineer to locate longitude and latitude of plant. site Following is simple steps to find longitude and latitude of a plant site.

Step 1 : Goes to Google map (http://maps.google.com/)
Step 2 : Type location of your plant site (example Ras Laffan in Qatar)

(Click image to view larger picture)

Step 3 : Move mouse and point to A.
Step 4 : Right click and select "Whats here ?"

Latitude and longitude of location A will appear in Search Box. (see below)
Lattitude = 25.924887
Longitude = 51.575317

(Click image to view larger picture)

Simple ? Let us know if you have even better method...

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