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Monday, March 1, 2010

Control valve has been widely used in Chemical & Process Plant for material feeding control and operating condition control, material feeding control. Today control valve technology is highly reliability and availability and long life span. It is a very mature technology. There are many handbooks and articles available online and FREE for read and download. Besides two most important handbooks for control valve available free in the net, Parcol is also offering Handbook for Control Valve Sizing which is brief but informative in nature.
This handbook covers :
  1. Valve sizing and selection
  2. Process data affecting control valve
  3. Brief about valve specification
  4. discussion on flow coefficient, Kv & Cv
  5. standard test conditions
  6. Discussion of Sizing equations for incompressible fluids (turbulent flow)
  7. Discussion of Sizing equations for compressible fluids (turbulent flow)
  8. Discussion of Sizing equations for two-phase fluids
  9. Discussion of Sizing equations for non turbulent flow
  10. Discussion on parameters of sizing equation including :
  • Recovery factor FL
  • Coefficient of incipient cavitation
  • Coefficient of constant cavitation Kc
  • Piping geometry factor Fp
  • Combined liquid pressure recovery factor
  • Piping geometry factor of a control valve with attached fittings FLP
  • Liquid critical pressure ratio factor FF
  • Expansion factor Y
  • Pressure differential ratio factor xT
  • Pressure differential ratio factor for a valve with attached fittings xTP
  • Reynolds number factor FR
Download Handbook for Control Valve Sizing


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