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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cooling Tower is widely used in Refinery and PetroChemical Industry to remove heat from process system and rejected heat into atmospheric which act as natural heat sink. In earlier post "Useful Documents Related to Cooling Tower", there are many useful articles related to Cooling Tower. This post will includes two additional articles from SPX Cooling Technologies.

Cooling Tower Performance Basic Theory and Practice (New)
SPX Cooling Technologies
A cooling tower is a specialized heat exchanger in which two fluids (air and water) are brought into direct contact with each other to affect the transfer of heat.

ClearSky™ Plume Abatement Brochure (New)
SPX Cooling Technologies
Marley ClearSky™ Plume Abatement System is a ground-breaking approach to the reduction of cooling plumes. Employing leading-edge technology, not only does ClearSky provide the proven performance you need—including design flexibility—but it can also lower installation and operating costs. In fact ClearSky has simply the best value proposition in plume abatement—it can even be installed into existing cooling tower applications, negating the need for complete system replacement. 

More articles in "Useful Documents Related to Cooling Tower" ...

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