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Thursday, December 11, 2008

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FREE Chemical Engineering Digital Issue for December 2008 has just been released !
Chemical Engineering magazine has just released December 2008 issue. If you are the subscriber of Chemical Engineering, you should have received similar notification.


Interesting articles for this month :

Capturing CO2
Efforts to find economical technology to reduce CO2 emissions are intensifying

Clean Up Your Act
Gone are the days of messy dust-collection maintenance, thanks to new, simpler-to-service systems

Heat Flux and Film Temperature In Fired Thermal-Fluid Heaters
The importance of these factors is often overlooked. Learn how to determine if you are overheating the fluid film in your system

Heat Transfer Fluids
Maintaining the System Use cost-effective techniques to find a solution for coke, sludge, high viscosity and deposits in your thermal fluid process

Fluid Flow
This one-page guide outlines flow calculations for both Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids in laminar and turbulent flow

Bearing Housing Protector
Seals for Gearboxes In extreme environments, dual-face magnetic bearing housing seals will keep contamination out

Functions for Easier Curve Fitting
An overview of empirical relations that can be used to fit your data

Estimating Thermal Conductivity of Hydrocarbons
This new correlation can be helpful when measured data are not available


If you yet to be subscriber of Chemical Engineering, requested your FREE subscription via this link (click HERE). Prior to fill-up the form, read "Tips on Succession in FREE Subscription".

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