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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

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Many of you as process engineer, plant engineer or operation engineer due with steam system. One of the safety device in this steam system is Pressure safety valve. "Steam Team Know-How ", an article discuss step-by-step guide for proper sizing and installation of safety valves which will equips you with the tools you need to specify these safety devices with confidence.

We have been discussing many stuffs related to safety relief device in Chemical & Process Technology. We believe many points presented in this article have already been discussed and highlighted in depth in many previous post. However, in this article one of the interesting point is the "drip pan elbow" of safety relief valve protecting steam system.

The drip pan elbow is an elbow changes the outlet of the safety device from horizontal to vertical. at the corner of elbow, there is a connection which allow rain water and condensed steam drain to safe location. This is another alternative for Pressure Safety Valve relieve directly to ATM as discussed in "Concerns & Measures on PSV Discharge to ATM". See following image.

Second advantage for this "drip pan elbow" is it avoid PSV attach directly to the discharge vent piping as connecting vent pipe directly to PSV will place undue stress and weight on the valve body.

Another interesting point related to this "drip pan elbow" is relieved steam will not escape from the drip pan elbow if the vent line is sized correctly. This reduce the safety concern of steam leak through the drain line and poses hazard to personnel around the drain point.

Following is one of the recommended installation of PSV protecting steam system.

Do you have any experience with this "drip pan elbow" ? Share with us here.

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