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Saturday, August 30, 2008

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Recently there are many new visitors accessing Chemical & Process Technology blog and many readers found some tips and tricks in post by author of Chemical & Process Technology blog. As they found this site is useful to them, the subscription to Chemical & Process Technology blog increases rapidly. Thanks to your support. If you think this blog is useful to some of your lovely friends, do let them aware of this site and give them a chance to grab one or two tips from Chemical & Process Technology blog.

In earlier post "Continuous Improvement of this blog & Promote Interaction", we have introduced some interaction features in this blog. Part of them are the
  • "Outbrain" rating widget
  • Comment column
  • Email icon.

Recently we also receive a lot of email on queries, comments and advices. First of all, thanks for your interest in improving the content of this blog. Your advices and comments may be delivered via the Comment Column at the bottom of each post (as explained in "Continuous Improvement of this blog & Promote Interaction").

There are few additional benefits of commenting on the blog :

i) Your opinion will be published in this blog (if found relevant).
ii) Your opinion and comments will be addressed by us in this blog.
iii) Other readers may learn from your experiences and view points.
iv) Others who has similar experiences or experts in the similar field will jump in and provide their experiences as well. You and every reader will learn more.
v) If you have blog or website, you can link it to your blog and website. This will direct some visitors to your blog or website.

Then your experiences, every readers experiences and Chemical & Process Technology blog experiences will grow like ice ball rolling...

We strongly encourage you to comment in the blog post. Thanks again.

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