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Chemical Process Technology

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Chemical & Process Technology

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Chemical Engineering Digital Issue for July 2010...

Aging Relief Systems - Are they working properly
Common problems,  cures and tips  to make sure your pressure relief valves  operate properly  when needed
Coal is current champion of China chemical industry
As the discussion on peak oil continues, industry increases its efforts to unlock new resources. Biomass may well become an attractive and renewable alternative in the long term, but the concept of biorefineries still requires some massive research and development efforts before it can be employed competitively on an industrial scale. Industries worldwide therefore turn to known and readily available alternatives, and coal seems to be the current champion. 
Controlling Acoustic Coupling
Furnace pulsation is a problem caused by the coupling between heat release from a burner and acoustic waves of the hosting heater. Enhancing natural damping  of the heater is a practical and attractive solution
Optimize Shift Scheduling using Pinch Analysis
This technique, already proven in countless heat-integration and waste-minimization operations, can also be applied to human resources management
Using Inserts to address solids flow problems
It might seem counter intuitive at first, but inserting an obstacle in the flow path often results in improved flow characteristics 

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