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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Recommended :

It is often found necessary to transfer heat form hot to cold fluids by means of heat exchangers. there is wide variety of equipment available for this purpose, although in this Engineering Design Guide discussion is restricted to the more common types (other heat exchangers being mentioned only in passing). The very important aspect of removing heat from a primary source, such as a fired heater or the fuel elements of a nuclear reactor, also falls outside the scope of this guide. Although sufficient information is provided to enable the reader to understand and deal with simple heat transfer problems, this text to a large extend serve as an introduction to the more specialized books to which reference is made...

This FREE HEAT TRANSFER ebook discusses on several topics related to heat transfer and heat exchange. It content cover the general problem of heat exchange, analysis of heat conduction, convective heat transfer, thermal radiation heat transfer, mass transfer, etc

Source : http://www.hts.org.uk/
Thanks to D. Butterworth

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