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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Process engineering design involve preliminary equipment sizing during initial conceptual phase. It is mainly to identify the magnitude of major equipment potentially install in a plant. This is rather important during conceptual phase as equipment dimensioning will provide sufficient key information for budgetary costing which possibly provide direction in Process Engineering Design. 

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Process simulation is commonly conducted for all phases of design e.g. Preliminary Design, Basic Design, Front-End Design, Detailed Design, etc. Process simulation enable production of heat and material balance and provide basic process parameters for equipment specification and sizing. Conventionally equipment sizing is conducted manually and vendor preliminary sizing program / software. Transfer of process parameters to vendor software or spreadsheet will require time and effort and also subject to erroneous risk of data transfer. Therefore Process Simulation provider have taken extra effort to provide additional equipment sizing utilities in the Process Simulator to aid Process Engineer to identify system capacity and rule out technical not feasible process option. ASPEN HYSYS have done the same to assist user.

The following document is a HYSYS SIZING guide which provide information in using Sizing Utilities and provide the theories and equations used in the sizing Utilities. It is particularly important for an HYSYS Sizing Utilites user have clear understanding of the utilities background and limitation.

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