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Monday, May 10, 2010

Aspen PIPESYS integrates powerful capabilities for single and multiphase pipeline flow modeling into Aspen HYSYS. Aspen PIPESYS enables users to:
  • Rigorously model single phase and multiphase flows
  • Perform forward and reverse pressure calculations
  • Determine changes in pipeline flow or conditions and their effect on an entire plant using a Aspen HYSYS simulation
  • Compute detailed pressure and temperature profiles for pipelines that traverse irregular terrain, both onshore and offshore
  • Perform special analysis including pigging slug size predictions, erosion velocity limits, and the likelihood of severe slugging in vertical or near-vertical risers
    Perform sensitivity calculations to determine the dependency of system behavior on any parameter
    Determine the possibility of increasing capacity in existing pipelines based on computational effects, pipeline effects, and environmental effects
Following are list of PIPESYS manual available for easy assess :

ASPEN PIPESYS 2002 Getting Started

ASPEN PIPESYS 2003 Installation Guide
ASPEN PIPESYS 2003 Tutorials
ASPEN PIPESYS 2003 User Guide

ASPEN PIPESYS 2004.1 Getting Started

ASPEN PIPESYS V7 Getting Started

If you found any documents related to ASPEN PIPESYS and/or available FREE for all, you are encourage to share within our community. You may drop a note via email or comment. Please include your nickname.

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