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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

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Wetting a dry gas using 3-phase Separator unit operation in HYSYS has been discussed in "Saturate Dry Gas With Water in HYSYS". It is a simple but ordinary way and useful. Aspen HYSYS (previously Hyprotech) has generated a simple extension called SATURATE extension to perform same function. See below image.

Locate SATURATE Extension
The SATURATE extension does not come with HYSYS installation file. It can be downloaded from ASPENTECH Support Website. Click here to locate the HYSYS extension. (for register user only).

Register & Access SATURATE Extension
Once the SATURATE extension is downloaded, it shall be registered in HYSYS. Unzip the saturate.edf and saturate.dll files to a convenient directory on your hard disk. Go to Tools … Preferences, then choose the Extensions tab, click the Register an Extension button, then navigate to the location of the saturate.dll file. Local Administrator privileges are required in order to register an extension. The Saturate Stream Unit extension should then appear under the Extensions category of the Add Operation window. (Accessible via Flowsheet … Add Operation, or by pressing F12.)

Obtain Water Content
Once the SATURATE extension is open, above tab will be shown. Just set the the unit to lb/mmcf at Standard condition, the water content in lb/mmscf can be found.

Find Under Saturate Water Content
If one to find the Water Content at 80% Humidity, just simply change the Humidity input to 80. Water content at under saturate condition will be shown.

This extension only support HYSYS 2.4.1 onwards.

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