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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

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Carbon Dioxide (CO2) with the present of free water in oil and gas would lead to generation of Carbonic acid. This has been briefly discussed in "CO2 Corrosion in Oil & Gas - Part 1". In this post and "CO2 Corrosion in Oil & Gas - Part 2", there are several articles related to CO2 corrosion.

In earlier discussion in "Quick Estimation of CO2 Corrosion Rate", other than DeWaard and Milliams model, there are other CO2 corrosion models :
  • LIPUCOR model by TOTAL
  • HYDROCORR model by SHELL
  • CASSANDRA model by BP
  • NORSOK M-506 model by NTSI
  • KSC model
  • IFE model
  • etc
Out of these models, one of the CO2 corrosion models is available FREE. NORSOK M-506 model by NTSI is available FREE for download.

M-506 CO2 corrosion rate calculation model
This NORSOK standard, which is a recommended practice, contains
  • a computer program for corrosion rate calculations
  • a user manual for the computer program. A description of the calculation model, the algorithms and the conditions for the corrosion rate calculations are given. In additions, methods and algorithms for calculation of essential input parameters to the corrosion rate calculations are given.
Download Standard
Download Software

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