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Monday, May 3, 2010

MEA (monoethanol amine) based CO2 removal process have been simulated with the ASPEN HYSYS process simulation tool with the Peng Robinson (PR) and Amines Property Package models which are available in Aspen HYSYS. The CO2 removal in % and the energy consumption in the CO2 removal plant are calculated as a function of amine circulation rate, absorption column height, absorption temperature and steam temperature.

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Selection of type of solvent is complicated and subject to many parameters such feed gas composition and condition, gas impurities specification, life cycle cost, space, salt deposition, byproduct, losses, hydrocarbon absorption, etc. Read more in "Amines Type & Points Assist in Selection".

An absorption and desorption process for CO2 removal with an aqueous MEA solution has been simulated. The exhaust gas from the power plant model is used as the feed to this model. The absorption column is specified with 10 stages each with a Murphy efficiency of 0.25. An estimated HETP (Height Equivalent to a Theoretical plate) of 4 meter, is about equivalent to 0.25 efficiency for each meter of packing. Traditional concentrations, temperatures and pressures are used in the base case simulation. The thermodynamics for this mixture is described by an Amines Property Package available in Aspen HYSYS. The Kent Eisenberg model is selected in the Amines Property Package. The Aspen HYSYS CO2 removal model is presented  below.

With CO2 removal of 85 %, heat consumption is calculated to 3.7 MJ/kg CO2 removed, close to a literature value of 4.0 MJ/kg CO2.


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