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Monday, April 12, 2010

REE Hydrocarbon Processing for APRIL 2010 is available now...

Upgrade syngas production
Advancements of synthesis gas processes are key to improved GTL profitability

Plastics enable better automobile designs
High-quality advanced engineered polymers and new molding methods provide advantages in modern vehicle construction and manufacturing processes

Improve inerting practices at your facility
The petrochemical/chemical industry relies on inerting methods to safeguard facilities and maintain product qualities

Upgrade low-value refinery streams into higher-value petrochemicals
New catalytic olefin cracking process yields more propylene over ethylene from stranded refining materials

Update: Spent caustic treatment
Better operating practices and prevention methods reduce problems in handling ‘red oil’

What every manager should know about layers of protection analysis
New methods ‘quantify’ the frequency of risky events in a facility

Looking for improved diesel yields?
Consider using spectro-molecular control to maximize profits

The six sigma green belt training program : An in-depth look
Implementing this program improves competition

Solve liquid-hammer problems
Here are several options

Blower selection for wastewater aeration
Use these guidelines to understand the many factors that differentiate different designs


If you yet to be subscriber of Hydrocarbon Processing, requested your FREE subscription via this link (click HERE). Prior to fill-up the form, read "Tips on Succession in FREE Subscription".

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Anonymous MARY LEONETT said...

Por favor si son tan amables de enviar los documentos en español se los agradeceré, gracias!

April 14, 2010 at 9:32 AM  

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