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Monday, March 29, 2010

Chemical & Process Technology has started blogging since 2007. Subscriber to Chemical & Process Technology increased rapidly. Recently some reader raise a question. How to access previous posts ?

There are several ways you may access previous posts. Several you may access previous posts :
  • Search
  • Related Post
  • Label
  • Latest Post
  • Archives
There is search box provided in Chemical & Process Technology Webblog. It is supported by Google. You may just type you keyword in the box, select Chemical & Process Technology radio button and click search button. A new page will display all pages contain of keywords within Chemical & Process Technology Webblog

Related Posts
At the end of each post, there will be a section contains topic related posts. You may looks for some interesting post.

Each post will be labeled with specific keyword.Once it is click, a new page contains all same label with be displayed.

Latest Posts
Latest Post is located as side bar at the right hand side of webblog. It will display last 10 posts.

Archives is side bar at the right hand side of webblog. It contain month-year information. Once a particular month and year, it will display all posts within that month.

Hope above features can all reader to maximize usage of Chemical & Process Technology webblog.

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