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Friday, November 21, 2008

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Some time you received an HYSYS file (ABC.hsc) from contractor or client, you open the file using a particular version (i.e. HYSYS 3.2), you may experience the HYSYS failed to open the file. Reason being you are using older version/build of HYSYS (i.e 3.2 ) to open a newer version/build of HYSYS (i.e 2006).

There are several questions may be raised :

i) How to know which version/build of HYSYS that you are using ?
ii) How can you know which version/build of HYSYS a case was created ?
iii) How to open a newer version/build of HYSYS with older version/build of HYSYS ?

HYSYS version
To know which version of HYSYS you are using, just simply open the Help | About HYSYS..., pop-up display will show the HYSYS version/build. The following image shows it is HYSYS version 3.2 (Build 5029).

HYSYS Version of Created File
To know which version the file was created, first you need to make small changes in HYSYS Preferences. Click Tools | Preferences, the Session Preferences pop-up will be displayed. Click Files tab and select HYPROTECH file Picker on the top, then click the Save Preferences Set. See

Now click the File | Open | Case, the file open pop-up is displayed. You will notice the version / build of the file created in HYSYS.

(Click to view large image)

You may also get similar information when you click the File | Save As. See below image.

(Click to view large image)

Open File Created in Newer Version with Older Version of HYSYS
The topic has been discussed in earlier post "Open HYSYS File in Older Version of HYSYS".

To get more tutorial and information related to HYSYS, check out "Useful Documentation for HYSYS ...".

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