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Sunday, November 9, 2008

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In earlier posts "Quick Estimation of CO2 Corrosion Rate" and "CO2 Corrosion Rate Estimation Using M-506 Model", two simple model i.e the DeWaard Milliam model and Norsok M-506 model have been introduced. The DeWaard Milliam model is just a simple chart while the M-506 model has been programmed into a software and available FREE for download.

In this post, another CO2 corrosion rate estimation software FREECORP will be introduced. FREECORP has been released for use by the corrosion research community. It was developed by scientists and programmers at Corrosion Center using publicly available knowledge of oil pipeline corrosion and it is distributed under GPL (General Public License) for FREE use by researchers, practitioners, and students of corrosion phenomena.

"FREECORP V1.0 is a simple corrosion model, strongly rooted in theory, which has been developed exclusively based on public knowledge. Currently, this model is capable of predicting uniform corrosion of carbon steel at a single point in an environment containing carbon dioxide, acetic acid, oxygen, and/or hydrogen sulfide. Iron carbonate film formation, a key factor in carbon dioxide corrosion, is simulated using an empirical correlation to improve the accuracy of corrosion rate prediction. Contributions to corrosion of various corrosion species can be calculated, which enables the exploration of dominant corrosion mechanisms in the corrosion process. Furthermore, polarization curves for each individual electrochemical reaction, net cathodic and anodic reactions and polarization sweeps can be optionally displayed. In a case of hydrogen sulfide corrosion, film formation is calculated and concentration profile of H2S across mass transfer layers on steel surface is displayed."

Download model detail
Download Software
Read Tutorial
FREE from Institute For Corrosion And Multiphase Technology

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