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Sunday, May 9, 2010

The control of CO2 emission is becoming one of the most challenging environmental issues facing many countries today. Recent years has seen an increase in the reported use of process simulators to assess feasibility and design and troubleshoot of CO2 capture using amine solution. A simulation-optimization framework comprising of HYSYS simulator is presented and a jumping gene based multi-objective simulated annealing technique to evaluate the efficacy of CO2 removal using DEA solution. The novelty of this approach is that, both simulation and optimization of the process are performed simultaneously in an automated fashion to fully explore the trade-off surface of CO2 capture efficiency and operating cost. 

The framework has been developed by integrating HYSYS simulator with a jumping gene based multi-objective simulated annealing technique and applied to CO2 capture process from a gas power plant. It has been shown to be capable of generating Pareto optimal solution involving CO2 capture efficiency and operating cost. Such Pareto set will form the basis for comparison with other amine technology. Future work include using other amine solutions as well as mixture of amines. Application to coal or fuel based power plant will also be part of future investigation.


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