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Sunday, May 9, 2010

FREE Hydrocarbon Processing for MAY 2010 is available now...

Select Articles from the May Issue
Flow-induced fatigue failure in tubular heat exchangers
Case histories describe a variety of failures and solutions 

Purging and inerting large-volume tankage and equipment - jet mixing concept - Part 1
Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the various methods 

Heat-exchanger failure analysis in a naphtha cracking unit
This case history analyzed the failure and makes recommendations to prevent future failures 

Oil-mist lubrication for fin-fan shafts
Tests show it is superior to grease lubrication 

Fundamental changes coming in Asia's petrochemical industry
Massive new processing additions will impact operations in this region as well as in the global market

Establishing safety representatives who are effective
Follow these protocols for a safer workplace

Consider CFD analysis to support critical separation operations
This modeling method can help eliminate chronic problems caused by feed mal-distribution and poorly designed feed devices

Strategize preshutdown work to enhance productivity
Adopt these principles from a refinery revamp project

Implementing a suitable safety instrumented system—Part 1
The analysis is the most important step for engineering and designing a suitable system

Sulfur Solutions 2010
Technological developments cost-effectively manage sulfur in various forms

Case 56: Quick troubleshooting of shaft failures
Some simple calculations can guide the way to improved performance


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