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Monday, May 4, 2009

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Qatar LNG production train presently is the world no.1 in term of production rate per train (about 7.8 MTPA compare to "nowadays normal train production of 4 MTPA). With it 7 trains (3 small and 4 large) LNG production in Qatar gas and another few trains in Rasgas have pushed Qatar as world no.1 in term of production.

LNG is normally stored in atmorpsheric tank at LNG liquid temperature of about -160 degC. More information about LNG in "LNG and Supply Chain", safety related in "LNG SES Issues..." and several ways to achieve LNG storage temperature of -160 degC in "Techniques to Achieve Cryogenic Temperature".

Recently received a batch of photos from reader of this blog. They are story related to Qatar Raslaffan LNG storage Boil-off gas (BOG) area...

Plant safety is important...Believe plant security equally important...

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