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Saturday, April 11, 2009

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Earlier post "Calculate Wetted Surface Area For Horizontal Vessel With Elliptical Head" has presented an accurate equation may be used to calculate wetted surface area for Horizontal Vessel with Elliptical Head. This post will presented a simplified equation to calculate the wetted surface area. Compare to accurate presented earlier, the difference is within 2%.

Let take the same sketch and example used in earlier post... :
A horizontal pressure vessel with radius R and length L (tan-tan) with liquid height of H, the wetted surface area can be the total wetted surface area of cylindrical section and elliptical head (2 heads).

Wetted Surface Area (Cylindrical section)
Wetted Surface Area for Cylindrical section can be calculated with following equation :

Wetted Surface Area (Elliptical head)
Wetted Surface Area for Elliptical head (one head) can be calculated with following equation :

R = Vessel inside radius (m)
H = Liquid height from bottom (m)
L = Vessel tangent-to-tangent length (m)

An ellipsoidal heads horizontal vessel with internal diameter (D) of 3m and tangent-tangent length is 6m. Determine wetted surface area when maximum liquid level is at 1m above vessel bottom.

L = 6m
R = D / 2 = 1.5m
Awet,Cyl = 2LRxAcos[(R-H)/R]
Awet,Cyl = 2x6x1.5xAcos[(1.5-1)/1.5]= 22.16 m2
Awet,Head = [2.178 / (2 x 3.141592654)]x(2x1.5)^2 x Acos[(1.5-1)/1.5] = 3.84 m2
Total wetted surface area, S = Scyl + 2 x Shd = 29.84 m2


Above equations have been programmed by Ankur & Kenny, share with readers of Chemical and Process Technology. You may download here.

Thanks to Ankur & Kenny

*If you have any useful program and would like to share within our community, please send to me.

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