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Sunday, February 8, 2009

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Dynamic modeling is a common tool for evaluation of plant operating conditions and control strategies. It can be used during design, prior to start-up, campaign changes, normal plant operation and prior to shutdown to understand the performance. It prepare design and operator to understand the potential problem and get ready to handle and manage the situation. High fidelity dynamic simulators has been developed for the process industries provide a solid basis for accurate modeling of the dynamic transitions. Nevertheless, development of custom components (for specific features of the process and measurement system) is often needed to provide a realistic model of the plant.

This paper presents a development approach and application of a dynamic model for the plant off-gas system, characterized by the complex structure and strong interaction of the production units with fast dynamics and sharp unexpected changes of the process pressure.

The model was developed in several phases using a HYSYS dynamic simulator. Initially, the model for the existing plant configuration, in nominal operational mode, was created; i.e. the plant emergency pressure relief devices that required custom modeling were not included. This model was validated using the plant data historian and was used for evaluation of the process dynamics and improvement of the existing control system. Then the model for the thermal oxidizer unit (a redesign option to decrease plant emissions) was added. This model was used in the design of the advanced control strategies for the modified process and thermal oxidizer itself. These strategies were tested for various scenarios of plant events and the expected plant unit interactions were evaluated. Finally, as the confidence of Plant Manufacturing grew, the model was extended with the custom pieces of the pressure relief devices (existing and new projected ones) and was used for development and justification of the plant vent system redesign.


There is a Dynamic Simulation manual available in ASPEN HYSYS. You may obtain your copy. Read more in "Useful Documentation for HYSYS ...".

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