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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

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In "More Concerns Associated to PSV Discharge to ATM" post has highlighted associate concerns on the PSV discharge pipe to ATM. The concerns are :

i) Hazard to operator at drain hole
ii) Noise at discharge pipe and drain hole
iii) Erosion-Corrosion due to rain water dripping

In this post will discuss some recommendations to tackle above concerns.

System type 1 :
PSV discharging fluid will result :
- rain water dripping erosion-corrosion of equipment underneath
- no noise issue
- no hazard to operator

Typical system is air, nitrogen, etc.
May consider a simple drain piping (or tubing) to a waste water collection funnel. See below image.

System type 2 :
PSV discharging fluid will result :
- rain water dripping erosion-corrosion of equipment underneath
- severe noise issue
- hazard to operator

Typical system is steam, pressurized hot water, etc
May consider
- discharge to vertical pipe high enough to avoid steam cloud endanger operator
- discharge silencer to minimize noise dissipation
- larger pipe size to avoid liquid carry over
- drain to water seal pot to avoid steam break-through

See below image.

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