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Friday, September 19, 2008

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Earlier post "Two Most Important Articles for Heuristic in Chemical Engineering" has introduced to you two articles tabulated the rules of thumbs and heuristic in chemical engineering. In Oct 2006, Mr. Alejandro Anaya Durand from National Autonomous University of Mexico has published another interesting article related to rule of thumbs named "Heuristics Rules for Process Equipment" via chemical engineering. The rule of thumbs covers several important equipments :
  • Fluid handling
  • Conveying of particulate solids
  • Cooling towers
  • Heat exchangers; refrigeration
  • Evaporators
  • Drums
  • Reactors
  • Storage tanks
  • Distillation and gas absorption
  • Liquid-liquid extraction
  • Crystallization from solution
  • Filtration
  • Drying of solids
  • Size reduction
  • Mixing and agitation
  • Agglomeration
Chemical Engineering again release FREE copy of this article to its subscriber since early this week. Check out your Chemical Engineering Newsletter send early this week. If you still not a Chemical Engineering subscriber, you may try to subscribe FREE Chemical engineering by click here.

Always remember...
Never believe that rule of thumb is a tool for all purpose. Detail and conventional design approach shall be employed for a correct and proper works and product. Nevertheless, the beauty of rule of thumb is it contain some simple, hard-earn and workable approaches and guidelines that helps you to shorten your trial-n-error cycles and save your time. Use it to get a rough idea of your product to-be and use detail approach for proper design.

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Blogger Zameer Anwar said...

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