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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

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As discussed in "Can We Really Stop Greenhouse Effect (GHE) ?", the world is running in "CO2 deficit"even though there are NO others GHE contributors. Nowadays, there are serious increases in awareness of greenhouse effect (GHE) emission and a lot of efforts and actions are taken to minimize GHE emission and to "Slow down" the GHE. Several efforts that can be carried by many of us as individual are :

  • Planting - gardening, plant and maintain at least 10 trees, etc
  • No open burning - Stop all open burning to recover organic substances in land for plantation purpose, mosquito expulsion in developing countries, etc
  • Use Hybrid (Fuel/Elec) vehicle
  • Stop smoking
  • Involve in R&D
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Serious efforts from industry is also one of the most important and critical actions. Recently, IBM has listed five methods that can be used to shrink the carbon footprint. Suggestions include evaluating how much carbon your plant produces, and then pushing energy efficiency throughout operations, from product development cycles to more efficient equipment. The real value comes from end-to-end collaborative optimization.

  • Diagnosis and assessment - Evaluate carbon production
  • Carbon asset management - Increase energy efficiency and promote energy saving equipments
  • Functional optimization - implemented throughout entire supply chain functions within the organization
  • Internal horizontal integration - integrated approach across functions
  • Collaborative, end-to-end optimization - Promote all players in the supply chain collaborate on end-to-end optimization
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Above are some efforts listed and you may consider to apply them in your organization to improve and achieve Green Organization. To assess How green is your organization, you may read more in "Is Your Company "Green" Enough ?".

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