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Sunday, July 6, 2008

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According to a study by the United States Department of Agriculture, an average person's respiration generates approximately 450 liters (roughly 900 grams) of carbon dioxide (CO2) per day. This roughly equivalent to 900 [g CO2/day] / 1000 [kg/g] x 365 days / year = 328.5 kg CO2 / year (724.2 lb Co2 /year)

Following tabulates average quantity of CO2 sequestered in a year (different species) :
  • Calliandra calothyrsus (10 years old, 15 feets tall, 8 inches diameter) - 38.3 lbs CO2/tree/year
  • Grevillia robusta (10-year-old, 45 feet tall, 6 inches diameter) - 64.6 lbs CO2/tree/year
  • Acacia angustissima (2.5 years old, 15 feet tall, 3 inches diameter) - 21.5 lbs CO2/tree/year
  • Albizzia lebbek (15 years old, 30 feet tall, 12 inch) - 68.9 lbs CO2/tree/year
  • Pine and eucalyptus (mature) - 73.3 lbs CO2/tree/year
Let take the maximum average quantity of CO2 sequestered in a year : Pine and eucalyptus (mature) - 73.3 lbs CO2/tree/year

Mathematically to balance the CO2 emitted by a person is 724.2 / 73.3 ~ 10 nos of Pine & eucalptus (mature). 10 Tree per person is required to ensure the CO2 balance !!!.

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Above figure has not included the methane release by tree and person decaying process where CO2 equivalent for 1 mole of methane is about 21 time !

Increasing growth rate of human being, high development and natural sources have reduced quantity of trees available for CO2 balance. Lets assume there is NO reduction of tree in the world and NO other activities (i.e. fossil fuel burning) generates CO2. This implies that we are still running in "deficit".

Can we really stop greenhouse effect (GHE) ?

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posted by Webworm, 4:22 PM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear All(Humans)
We are blessed with top most skills,capablities and faculties to gather knowledge/awarenes.Powers to analyze and adopt in many ways.
The only thing is to stop brutalities against vegetable kingdom(Trees and Cultivated Items)for the sake of Energy/Fuels,and for the Sake of our own survival. We must and should start planting and nursing 10 trees each and also do whateveer possible to save food related item's poaching/elimination for fuel usage.
Best Regards
Your Human Brother,Friend and Colleague.

July 7, 2008 at 8:48 PM  
Blogger Webworm said...

Yeap...at least some efforts...

July 8, 2008 at 11:51 AM  
Anonymous Bud Wood said...

World human population has increase about 3X during the last century while the growth of vegetation has contracted. Is it any wonder that CO2 levels have risen?!

No real worry, though, because generally speaking, things get back into balance sooner or later.

Bud Wood

February 27, 2010 at 3:06 PM  

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