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Friday, April 11, 2008

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CO2 known as one of main contributor to global warming and greenhouse effect. Nowadays, CO2 sequestration and re-injection into disposal well is one of the common way to reduce CO2 emission into atmosphere. In earlier post Several Concerns in High CO2 Field Development, one of the effort taken was to separate CO2 from well gas and re-inject it back to disposal well.

Another direction in reducing CO2 emission to atmosphere is to convert CO2 to useful and valuable product. Sandia’s Sunshine Laboratory has invented a prototype device called the Counter Rotating Ring Receiver Reactor Recuperator (CR5), breaks carbon-oxygen (C-O) bonds in carbon dioxide (CO2) to form carbon monoxide (CO) and oxygen (O) in two steps. Water (H2O) and carbon monoxide (CO) will then produce methanol, gas, or other liquid fuels using solar energy. Read more in Sandia’s Sunshine to Petrol project seeks fuel from thin air.

Above effort no only reduce CO2 emission, it also reduce the demand of energy from well crude or gas. Nevertheless, there are still some "issue" needs to be resolved before it can be used as a workable alternative. Issues are :
Is overall process''s energy efficiency low ?
Is overall energy effective ?
Operational ?
It is believed that new invention always encounter disagreement and challenges from all parties with whatsoever reasons, however, the effort and objective behind this project shall be praised and appreciated.

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